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Platinum Circle

Viking River Cruises adds Pulaski Tickets & Tours to its prestigious Platinum Circle.

Pinnacle Award

Pulaski Tickets & Tours is awarded the 2012 Pinnacle Award from Carnival Cruise Lines.

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Welcome to the Pulaski Tickets & Tours Corporate Website!

We are a fully licensed, ARC appointed host travel agency incorporated in 1991. Through its corporate offices, Pulaski Tickets & Tours supports a vibrant network of Independent Travel Agents and manages travel accommodations for corporate and leisure travelers around the globe with unparalleled value and service.

Our agents and affiliatted members can book all their travel through our agency and enjoy the best deals on cruises, airfare, car rentals, all inclusive vacations and other leisure services. We go above and beyond normal agencies to research your vacations and take care of you.

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AGENT Profile

Joan D. - Brooklyn, NY
Joan has been a travel agent with Pulaski Tickets & Tours for over 6 years, and she says, "It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve been able to travel the world on a dime and with zero worries. I love being a travel professional and working with my clients to create their perfect vacation. I get just as excited for my clients as I do for my own personal travel." Jane specializes in cruises, honeymoons, and adventure travel.

  • 11/4: Kim R just saved $1,008.41 on a trip!
  • 11/4: James T just saved $1,285.87 on a cruise!
  • 11/4: We paid our agents $34,547.38 in commission today
  • Congrats, Agents...OVER a MILLION $$$ in COMMISSION paid!
  • 11/4: Candace F just saved $1,709.26 on a trip
  • 11/4: Bob and Marian D just booked an Aruba condo week for $99!
  • 11/4: Welcome aboard new agents!...
  • G Cordova
  • C Alarcon
  • J Aldeguer
  • W Arthurs
  • R Pickens
  • C Blount
  • M Childress
  • A McTair
  • M Elemen
  • T Hackney
  • C Hodge
  • J Houston
  • J Howe
  • C Jones
  • L Brown
  • J Miller
  • K Vega
  • M Ogden
  • 11/5: Welcome aboard new members!...
  • William H
  • Cynthia l
  • Joseph M
  • Steven M
  • Lawrence N
  • Raymond N
  • Khanh N
  • Ted N
  • Joseph O
  • Arlene P
  • Jason S
  • 11/6: Doug S just saved $652.69 on a hotel stay (57%)!
  • 11/6: Matt S just saved 50% on a car rental!
  • 11/6: Grant H just saved $1,229.70 on a cruise!
  • 11/6: Robert M just saved $2,048.42 on a trip!
  • 11/7: Paula B just saved $926.40 on a cruise!
  • 11/7: MP just saved $1,073.26 on a condo (66% off public price)!
  • 11/7: Welcome Aboard New Members!...
  • T Parker
  • F Sinay
  • T Nguyen
  • I Tan
  • G Darden
  • G Quijada
  • K Mortenson
  • S Alfano
  • M Ahumada
  • E Alarcon
  • J Andrade
  • D Arthurs
  • G Barrow
  • B Blount
  • D Childress
  • D Dinwiddie
  • H Elemen
  • 11/9:Welcome aboard new members!...
  • L Hackney
  • C Hodge
  • C Houston
  • M Howe
  • R Jones
  • K McGathon
  • C Miller
  • J Morser
  • M Ogden
  • R Parker
  • E Sinay
  • Y Song
  • E Tan

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