Become a Travel Agent - It's as easy as 1-2-3

Pulaski Tickets & Tours has developed a turn-key host travel agency business to provide its home-based agents superior training, marketing tools, booking engines, access to our travel suppliers, and the best customer service the industry has to offer!

Decide to Get Started
No experience necessary! You can take control of your future and become an independent travel agent. We'll give you all the tools and training you need to start and run a successful home-based travel business.
Training & Support
Learn to book travel and build your business from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Choose from live training classes, webinars, and a variety of training materials. Plus, you’ll have access to live travel agents and support staff to assist you.
Start Selling Travel
Offer your clients travel services at competitive prices, using our preferred suppliers and even your own travel website. We’ll provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to start and manage your business.
I have been a travel agent with Pulaski Tickets & Tours for over 6 years, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve been able to travel the world on a dime and with zero worries. I love being a travel professional and working with my clients to create their perfect vacation. I get just as excited for my clients as I do for my own personal travel. I specialize in cruises, honeymoons, and adventure travel, and the helpful staff at Pulaski Tickets & Tours has helped make my dreams of owning my own business a reality. - Joan D.

Did you Know?

Travel is the #1 Online Business

According to J.D. Power and Travel Weekly, Travel is the #1 Online Business and consumers who book with agents travel more frequently, take trips that are about 50% longer per trip, and spend almost 50% more per night booked. Consumers using travel agents also had the highest levels of satisfaction with the booking experience.

"Travel agencies are an important part of our distribution system. Pulaski Tickets & Tours are truly experts in their field and exhibit the highest levels of professionalism."

Vice President, Worldwide Sales
Carnival Cruise Lines

Additional Features & Benefits

You can compete with the "big guys" and capture your piece of the largest online industry. Stay ahead of the competition and reach a whole new market of clients by using your state-of-the-art personalized private label travel booking website.
Technology & Tools
In addition to your very own personalized travel website, you'll get access to a powerful travel agent portal to help you manage, build, and promote your business, maximize your income and make the most of your own travel experiences.
Earn Commission
Earn up to 100% commission on everything you book. Our high industry standing and relationships with preferred travel suppliers allow us to receive generous commission payouts. You'll receive commission if you book your own travel, or we can help you and split the earnings.
Unique Offerings
With access to our partner networks, you can leverage our relationships to offer your clients one-of-a-kind pricing and travel opportunities, including condominiums and exclusive resorts.
CLIA CARD & Industry Affiliations
Qualifying agents can receive a CLIA card from Cruise Lines Industry Association and other industry affiliations and memberships to access even more travel benefits!
Travel and Learn
Travel agents receive access to agent-only FAM trips and discounts on personal. In addition, conferences and "seminars at sea," can provide exciting opportunities to learn and network with oters.